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I Fuck On The First Date - Geek On The Dance Floor

Artist: I Fuck On The First Date

Genre: Experimental/Nintendocore/Cybergrind
Country: Spain
Website: They Are Too Trve 4 Myspace

01 - Everything is better with two arms!
02 - Yes, let´s save princess bitch, again
03 - Metapod Lvl-100
04 - Donkey Kong´s wine cellar
05 - Kitty kats, kings of internet
06 - I commit suicide, Phoenix Wright, please save me from jail
07 - We don´t need martial arts, we have videogames
08 - Hikikomori party
09 - Grind fandango

A perfect soundtrack for a Hikikomori Party

Download (Mediafire)


Unicorn Dragon Panther - Death Monsters

Artist: Unicorn Dragon Panther
Genre: Experimental/Electronic/Epic
Country: USA
Website: UDP's Myspace

01 INTRO (into a wet-dream)
02 Backally Assault (like billboard)
03 Breakcore is so HXC and I love HXC
04 D D D Dragon (Sexton Style)
05 Extreme Grand Glitterparty
06 Fond of Bond (Wet One)
07 Fond of Bond (part 2)
08 Men Excited Are Teachable
09 Mommy, that's called a PANTHACORN
10 My Monty Your Monty
11 Uncle Michael Loves The Cannon
12 Unicorn Juristiction (Rectal Assassination)
13 Wetter and Wiiiiiiiiilder
14 001111010010101010

Sounds like the soundtrack of a monster war. Listen it while playing a MMORPG.

Download (Mediafire)


Monochromatic Penetration - DEMOlish AFGHANISTAN EP

Artist: Monochromatic Penetration
Genre: Experimental/Electronic/8bit
Country: USA
Website: Monochromatic Penetration's Myspace

1. Game Styl3
2. My Peach is Fuzzy and Soft
3. Oliver Likes Meat?
4. Pretty In Pink
5. requiemREMIX
6. s-drawr-of

"This Album was made in Afghanistan while I was deployed."

Download (Mediafire)


The Stuffed Giraffe Massacre - Demo

Artist: The Stuffed Giraffe Massacre
Genre: 8bitcore, Midicore, Pokemoncore
Country: USA
Website: The Stuffed Giraffe Massacre's Myspace

01 Luigi Ain't Your Bro
02 Mr. Saturn Stole My Sega Saturn
03 My Level 100 Caterpie Is the God Of Viridian Forest
04 I Got Lost In The Lost Woods

About: This is just a sample of what TSGM is cooking. Listen to the tunes and expect a legendary future work.

Download (Mediafire)



¡¡¡!!! - After Coffee, Cigarettes, Sex And Bad Jazz

Artist: ¡¡¡!!!
Genre: Experimental/Electronic/Psychedelic
Country: Finland
Website: ¡¡¡!!! Myspace

01 Versus Vigilante
02 Dark Angel
03 Yellow Bitroad
04 Dead Dancebirls
05 Ven0m
06 Black Ribbon
07 Goodbye Mr. Mustage!
08 Satan Is A Woman
09 Machine Wolf
10 We Bleed Petrol (Ft: analwhiskey)

About: Here is a full review of this album: LINK. Hardcore stuff.

Download (Mediafire)


KANGASKHAN'SBABY - Kangaskhan Isn't A Fire Type

Genre: Experimental/Pokemoncore/Anti-Music
Country: USA

01 Meganium Massacre
02 Ditto Ain't No Gak
03 Cookie Monster Converts To Cannibalism
04 N.W.A.F
05 Digglet Looks Like A Penis
06 Tarps Of Tinychat Running In The Mist
07 Chainsaw Man Interlude

About: As KHANGASKHAN'SBABY says, "music that makes you think what the fuck". Also, you will need Winamp to listen it since it comes in m4a format.

Download (Mediafire)


iexplodedagain - Because Why Not

Artist: iexplodedagain
Genre: Experimental/Randomcore/Anti-Music
Country: USA
Website: iexplodedagain's Myspace

01 Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like Raging
02 I'm Allergic To Tripolar Fairies
03 Because Why Not
04 Love What You Cannot Possibly Understand
05 Don't You Just Hate It When Your Penis Vibrates?
06 Dear Commitment, I Changed Our Plans
07 Oops, I'm Gay!
08 Be Not Afraid
09 Surprise Mistakes
10 Welcome to Schizophrenia

About: Your brain will probably melt after listening to this

Download (Mediafire)


iamcancer - The Awkward Dream

Artist: iamcancer
Genre: Electrogrind/Cyberscreamo/Space Grindcore
Country: USA
Website: iamcancer's Myspace

01 Shoot Me In A Dream (Intro)
02 What Happens In Vegas, Keeps You Up At Night

03 Judge The Wake, Then Go Back To Sleep On Your Pillow
04 The Awkward Dream
05 The 6th Sense Ghost Extravaganza!
06 I Can't Stop The Monster!
07 You Don't Exist
08 The Past Is Real
09 Homerun
10 Welcome To The End Of The World Party, Have A Refreshment
11 Well, Now That You're Here, Enjoy The Party

About: Music psybeams mixed with screams and apocalyptical parties

Download (Direct Download)


V.A - Love At First Grind Vol 1

Various Artists
Genre: Cybergrind/Grindcore/8bitcore
Country: International
Website: Seven Times More Scary Productions Myspace

01 Undernoise - El Caníbal De Rothemburg
02 Umbilical Parricide -Retarded Fuck Hole (ExtremeFukheadMix)
03 Womenfart -Moin, Moin, Moin
04 Damokis - Shameless
05 Mental Masochist - Starborn Slime
06 Slapendehonden - Your Stuffed Pussy On A Market Of Illegal Organs
07 The Anal Tag Team - The Flying Buttfuck
08 Blood Shit - Scag Wagon
09 Sphinkta - Cum Fart
10 Paedo Nanny - Fragments Of Brain Splattered On My Wall
11 The Smiley Face Murders - Incest Adds Flavour To The Aborted
12 Analizator - Dobar Dobar Grobar
13 Evil Minded - Straight To Hell
14 Bassookah - Generation Evil
15 Zybernekkrobutcher - Demonik Turd
16 Higheramplifier - Zombie Kid Rampage
17 Cyboresis - The Outburst
18 Cunt Saw - Christian Girls
19 ¡¡¡!!! - Ven0m
20 Grobyc - Mega Drive
21 Love Through Cannibalism - Love Through Grind
22 Everythingandnothingcore - Anus Plumbing
23 MIM.MIM - VulgärerGenitalkram
24 Acatalepsia And Inadaptability Of The Unanswered Deuteragonist - Dark Red Ocean From The Blood Of The Butchered Traitors
25 Noitroba - Immaculate Deception
26 Dark Theory - ...And All The Demons Are Here

About: This underground abomilation will bring you headache + permanent brain damage. The money back if not.

Download (Direct Download)


Br00talizer - A Pile Of Shit In My Ass

Artist: Br00talizer
Genre: Acoustic Grindcore/Gentilegrind/Anti-Music
Country: China
Website: Br00talizer's Last.fm

01 Introduction
02 A Pile Of Shit In My Ass

03 Zach McCallips And Max Thompson Are Gay
04 You Like Green Day
05 Shitting Spam
06 You Are In Kissing Spam
07 Crazy Shit In My Head (Kissing Spam Cover)

About: Deep acoustic grindcore only for an intelectual elite.

Download (Last.fm)


Sürrah - Super Hentai Nurse

Artist: Sürrah
Genre: Ninjacore/Cybergrind/Gutural Midi/
Country: USA
Website: Sürrah's Myspace

01 Birdo Is A Slut
03 Molested By Jefree Starr In Chuck E Cheese
04 Pankax
05 Mario Underground 2-Step
06 Kirby Bj
07 Deadlyone18 PWNS
08 DBZ Theme Rock The Dragon Cover
09 Playing Twister With A Chainsaw
10 Pteradactyl Titty Fuck
11 Purple Flurp Pussy Pound
12 Steve Irwin Could Beat Crocodile Dundee In A Fight Any Day
13 B14ck 3mø T34rs
15 Free Jam (Bonus Track)

About: This album will blow your neighbour's brain like a giant burning shuriken.

Download (Mediafire)